Small Compass

Small enough to, er, swallow??
I started making compasses was because I wanted one for myself that was a proper working compass, attractive and small enough to wear comfortably.

But just how small is the small compass?

When my compass creations are photographed, one image often includes a one pound coin to give you an idea of the size. However, my compasses journey all over the world to their new owners and seeing them next to a one pound coin may not be much help at all! So, I thought another way to show the size would be to give you an image of me holding one ~ and here it is!

My compass creations are made using a small compass – often referred to as a button compass. The button compass inside is always the same size. However, with each individual design size of the finished jewellery item may change.

Small but Perfectly Formed Compass

I’m often asked if the compass is a working compass ~ and the answer is a resounding yes!

As I’ve said, part of the drive to make them in the first place was that I wanted a compass that worked. As well as that, the compass is very symbolic to me because I look at life as a journey on which we choose our direction. The practical side of me insisted that the compass truly pointed north, too!

Each of my compass creations has a top quality compass inside with a quartz face which means it’s scratch resistant and ready for adventure! You can wear it freely and enjoy having it with you as a companion on your journeys.

Swallowing the Compass!

The original design of the compass was kept small so that it could be hidden, often sewn into the lining of a coat, during war time. A secret saviour to help you find your way if you managed to escape.

Another design consideration was that it was small enough to be swallowed so you wouldn’t have to hand it over, say, if you were captured. The idea was that, er, after a bit of a wait the compass would ‘reappear’. You get my meaning…

Can I just say that I’ve never tried this – and I suggest you don’t either!

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