Diane takes her compass necklace snorkelling

Exploring underwater with her compass pendant, Diane discovers peace and tranquility, and gives a top tip for snorkelers!

Dipping into another world

I find snorkelling very therapeutic. In a flash I find myself in another world. A world without rules, threats, or judgement. The fish don’t care about what I wear, say or look like. Whether or not I’m successful doesn’t matter to them. I feel a sense of freedom, as if the weight’s been lifted right off my shoulders.

Weightless, that’s the special feeling.

The pressure is gone in an instant. I am here as a spectator, swimming amongst the fish, peeking into their world of calmness and serenity.

There’s no competition, there’s enough room for everyone.

A symbol of courage

I can hear my own breathing, calm and deep. One I recognize as the same as when I’m about to fall asleep. Now that’s relaxing.

I feel my compass being lifted gently off my chest by the current. I realize then that my compass is my symbol of strength, determination, certainty and courage. I’ve grown quite fond of it in the last 4 weeks I received it.

I even think a fish took a closer look at this shining circular object!

Diane wears her water resistant compass safely underwater

Diane wears her water resistant compass safely underwater

Keeping her compass with her, even under water

The scenery is like a painting in an Art Gallery. The sun shining through from above lights up the ocean floor enough to see bright colors on the fish and plants. The gentle swaying of the ocean is pushing me slowly around the coral wall to see what’s on the other side. I double check to make sure my compass is still on my chain. It’s the first time my compass is underwater for so long. Relieved, I keep going.

I see more plants I don’t recognize or maybe they’re not plants. So many creatures to discover. Some even play hide and go seek in the sand. The fish don’t fear me too much. I even think they don’t mind the camera. They are curious too.

Diane underwater with her compass necklace

Diane underwater with her compass necklace

Time to get out now, I fear the sun burn on my butt cheeks! The thing the experts on snorkelling don’t tell you is while your mesmerized by all this beauty, your butt is practically the only thing sticking out of the water.

So tonight at dinner, I won’t be sitting comfortably. But nothing will keep me away from snorkelling again tomorrow!