The Travel Journal

A clever way to present a gift for your wife.  Thoughtful, inventive and romantic.

Moleskine Travel Journal Gift with a Secret Message

A Travel Journal with a Secret in the Pages

He began with a nicely wrapped parcel to reveal a small and unassuming Moleskine Travel Journal – in keeping with a travel theme.

He organised the journal to open at this page with his message, which she read out loud to the family.

Then she closed the book and started to put it down, clearly thinking it was just a journal.

Their daughter, who didn’t know what it was, saved the day by saying “I think there’s a bit of clue there Mum – secrets in the pages.”

The Compass

So she turned on through the book until she found the pendant. Secretly embedded in the cutaway pages of the travel journal she discovered her unique compass pendant which she loves.

She loved that her husband had put so much thought into how to give her this compass pendant. A Christmas gift she’ll remember and treasure.

Compass Hidden Inside a Journal

The Travel Journal Compass


How will you present your compass gift?


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