A Personal Engraving on your Compass

Engraving is great way to add an extra personal touch to your compass pendant.

Each of my compass creations is individually handmade and unique and several of them have space for an engraving.

View compasses with space for an engraving

How many characters can you have engraved?

There is generally enough space for around 50 characters. That said, not all of my compasses are exactly the same size and some characters take up more space than others.

How you arrange the words can make a difference, too. You can go up to 4 lines, maybe 5 if you want to put a date or maybe some kisses at the top or bottom. The longest line I’ve used across the middle had 16 characters including spaces.

Scroll down to see a whole lot of examples 🙂

How much does engraving cost?

Compass engraving is an optional extra and you can see the prices alongside the compasses in the shop.

Engraving is carried out off site by laser and is excellent quality. Performed reliably and without scratching or damaging the piece, your options for engraving are (almost!) limitless.

If you’d like to know if your engraving idea will fit, you can Contact me to find out. Just tell me which compass you’ve chosen or whether you’d like to have one custom made and I’ll take a look.

How long does the engraving take?

Please allow an extra 2 weeks.

Engraving is performed off site and the results are worth the wait!

Ideas for your Engraved Compass

Here are some examples from previous customers.

Engraved Gold Compass Pendant

Engraved Gold Compass Pendant

A gold compass pendant engraved especially for a lady whose Husband means the world to her.

Remember to Live Engraved Silver Compass Pendant

Compass Engraved with a Reminder

A reminder for when life is frantic! To take a moment for yourself. To breathe.

Silver Compass Pendant with Latin Engraving

Know Thyself Engraved Compass

The Latin message NOSCE TE IPSUM engraved around the edge of the compass.

Engraved Silver Compass for 18th Birthday Gift

18th Birthday Engraved Compass

This compass pendant was personalised with an initial, albeit in a different way from engraving! A gentleman enquired about an engraved compass for his grand-daughter’s 18th birthday, but we were a bit short of time. The off-site, laser engraving needs an extra 2 weeks and this would have been too late for her birthday. So, instead of an engraving, I suggested adding her initial a different way and got busy with my pliers! A handmade wire “L” was added to the pendant before the compass was set into it. This kind of personalisation is only available for custom made compasses since once the compass has been set inside, any further soldering would destroy it.

Engraved Compass Necklace Gift for Girlfriend

Engraving His and Her Initials

A more relaxed style of engraving on this compass, artfully personalising it.

Engraved Compass Pendant Gift for Her Son

21st Birthday Engraved Compass

This lady wanted a few more words on this custom made compass for her Son’s 21st Birthday, so I made the whole compass slightly larger to accommodate her loving message.

Silver Engraved Compass Pendant Gift for Daughter

Engraved Compass Gift for Daughter

Happy memories from her favourite movie, Mary Poppins!

Engraving on the Back

This is where your personal engraving appears on the back of the compass. There’s usually enough room for about 50 characters and I always check to make sure that it fits. If there’s not quite enough room then we can often work out a slightly shortened version of your requirements.

Engraving Around The Edge

For a message to be engraved around the edge of your compass, it needs to be a custom made compass creation. The laser engraving process for this finish needs a central spindle to fit inside the centre of the pendant to ensure even, level engraving. This means I can only offer around-the-edge engraving on custom made compasses allowing me to arrange the engraving before the compass is set inside.

Engraved Wedding Anniversary Compass Locket

Made especially for her husband, Sharron commissioned me to make this surprise 40th wedding anniversary gift. I’m told he never travels without it.

Compass Locket Wedding Anniversary Gift for a Man

Message inside the Compass Locket

Custom designed, this Texas Star Compass Locket has an engraving both on the inside of the lid, and on the base. I’m told the gentleman never travels without it.

Couple's Initials Engraved on Compass Locket

Dates Engraved on the Base

The couple own and run a ranch, so the custom made locket also incorporated the Texas Star and a horseshoe.

Engraved Graduation Compass Necklace Gift for Niece

Graduation Compass for Her Niece

A loving message to her niece on her Graduation Day.

Silver Compass Locket Engraved with her own Message

Engraved Silver Compass Locket

To symbolise how one lady’s commitment to live her life to the full.

Gold Engraved Compass Pendant for a Man

Compass to Remind Him of his Family

With the names of his wife and children, so that they are always with him.

Latin Inscription Ideas

FIAT LUX let there be light
TENE CURSUM hold the course, or go with the flow
MEMENTO VIVERE remember to live
NUNC AUT NUMQUAM now or never (We have one life, make the most of it.)

ALIS VOLAT PROPRIIS she flies with her own wings
HIC ET NUNC here and now
BOVINA SANCTA! holy cow! Someone once pondered the idea of having this engraved on her compass as she felt it was a reminder to herself to never cease to marvel at life and allow herself to be surprised occasionally, and not grow cynical and still learn from it. It also cracked her up to see it in latin!

Elizabeth with my love to you always Stephen x

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Jessica To keep you safe on your travels. xxx

So you will always find your way.

Look to the future, live for today.

Wherever you go, that’s where you are.

Laugh until you tinkle in your panties!

Your life, Your direction.

All those who wander are not lost.