Choosing a chain for your Compass

A closer look at options.

See the styles and lengths of chain below or head straight to the shop to choose yours.

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Chain Styles

Here’s a closer look at the different styles of silver chain that are currently available to purchase with your compass pendant.

The Luxury Box Chain and the Curb Chain.

Chain Styles


Chain Lengths

When choosing a chain for your compass there are two standard lengths, 18 inches (46cm) and 27 inches (68cm).

Here’s how they look on Millie, the resident life-sized model 😉

Silver Compass Pendant on 18 inch chain length

18 inch (46cm) chain

27 inch (68cm) chain

Selecting Your Chain

If you need one, you can select your preferred style and length of chain when you buy your compass.

Please note:  I make up each chain individually so can make any length you like. If you need a chain at a different length just let me know.