Botanical Trail Compass Necklace (g508)
Botanical Trail Working Compass Pendant (g508)

The Botanical Trail Compass Necklace

The Botanical Trail Compass Necklace
(Ref: G508)

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Silver swirls and tendrils

Surrounded by vineyards here in France, I see the vines change throughout the seasons. As each new cycle of growth begins, their beautiful tendrils develop, unfurling their spirals to reach out for a toe hold.

And – yes – the wine is pretty good, too!

These swirling tendrils always attract me, I marvel at their delicate intricacy. Plus I love incorporating swirls and droplets in my compass jewellery creations whenever I can.

Does the compass really work?

I’m glad you asked! Yes, it does. It’s one of the best survival compasses out there and I’ve made it even better by making it waterproof.

You can read more about the compass inside.


An Elegant Compass Pendant

A graceful botanical design weaves around this working compass jewellery creation featuring an enchanting labradorite. Now there’s an amazing stone and one of  my favourites. Known for its flashes of peacock blue, coppery reds, dusky golds and greens, the labradorite has colours that become apparent as it moves in the light.

Tendrils of silver stems lead you to the working button compass set into the back.

As with all of my compass jewellery, this is a working compass necklace. Not just any compass, these are quality survival compasses like no others out there. Each one is up to being worn everyday, even in the shower.

Made using sterling silver and 9k gold with a Labradorite stone.


Handmade silver compass gift for wife (g508)

Encircling tendrils

You can see the silver tendrils reaching from one side of the pendant to the other. They even dare to cling to the stem, too.

Botanical Trail Compass Necklace gift for her (g508)

The Labradorite

The flashes of colour in this one are really lovely.

Choose a Compass Pendant

A meaningful jewellery gift for the one you love

Labradorite Compass Gift with Meaning (g508)

Precision details

The details are important and each tendril is lovingly filed to a delicate point, just the way you would find it in nature.

Francis Barker silver Working Compass Pendant (g508)

Working Compass in Silver and Gold

This top quality compass – a Francis Barker survival compass – makes this piece even more special.

Botanical compass on short silver chain (g508)

On an 18 inch chain

This pendant is a little longer than most of those I make and can imagine it on this shorter chain and looking great worn with an open necked top.

Botanical compass on long silver chain (g508)

On a 27 inch chain

I like this compass pendant on either length of chain, but like the idea of being able to fiddle with this one on this longer chain.

Small Botanical Compass Pendant Gift (g508)

Botanical Trail Compass Necklace

A compass pendant to keep me centred as I navigate this grand life

Here’s what the person who bought this compass had to say about it.

Dear Gee,

I’ve been looking for a compass pendant to keep me centred as I navigate this grand life.

I have delayed with feeling like this is too extravagant of a gift for myself. But I would tell my friend to follow her inspiration- why not me too! Right?! That is part of what this is all about.

I received it – it is lovely!
It is a nice weight in the hand, and a lovely piece of artistry.
Thank you so very much. It arrived so quickly. I am glad to have it.

What’s so different about this compass jewellery?

Every compass pendant here is uniquely handmade, waterproof and has one of the best quality working compasses inside.

Unique compass pendants you won’t find anywhere else!


Compass Pendant Gifts for your Wife

Uniquely handmade wearable compass necklace gifts

Photo by Gee

Want a custom compass?

Get in touch to have something made just for you.

DIFFERENT from the rest.

Waterproof, working compasses designed for life.

Want to know more?

This compass is sold!

See what’s available in the shop today.
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Gee Backhouse
Creator of Wearable Compasses & Meaningful Jewellery

Hello from the Compass Lady

Hi, I’m Gee and I’m the one who creates each of these individually handmade compass pendants.

If you have any questions then I’d love to hear from you, either here in the comments or you can contact me.


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