Secrets. I have to keep so many secrets! But at last, I can tell you about this one and I’m so excited!

Handmade Silver locket with a Secret Message

Last year a gentleman contacted me aboutĀ making a pendant that would keep a secret message inside. He wanted it as a birthday gift for his girlfriend, and the secret message would be his proposal of marriage.

Have you seen the usual lockets out there that haveĀ a “will you marry me” message?

Maybe you’ve never actually looked for one, but pretty much all of those I’ve seen are fairly clear and obvious. Now, if you want to “pop the question” right there and then when you give your loved one the pendant, this is completely fine.

But what if that’s not what you had in mind?

What if, instead, you wanted the message inside the pendant to be a total secret? And for that secret to be kept for over a year without the wearer knowing?

This handmade Secret Proposal Pendant did just that!

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