A Gift for Your Wife (To Be!)
A beautiful handcrafted wedding gift from my husband

A Gift for Your Wife (to be!)

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Celebrations

You can check out why people give their wife a compass as a gift, but this is the first Compass Necklace I’ve seen presented to a bride on her actual Wedding Day!

Planning a wedding can be all consuming with a long list of preparations, but this man broke from tradition with a non-weddingy gift for his wife on their special day.

He gave her the Sapphire Silver Compass Necklace, meaningful to their relationship in oh so many ways.

signpost showing the way to go at a wedding
bride putting on handmade wedding jewellery
“Every time I wear it I think of the day he gave it to me, and I feel it brings me good luck”
Wedding Compass Gift for Outdoorsy Wife


You’ve popped the question – perhaps in a unique way with a Secret Proposal Pendant – and you’re engaged. So, now it’s all about preparing for the big day, choosing a date, selecting a venue, finding perfect wedding rings, making a guest list and so on. Exciting.

But sometimes, even though it’s the bride’s day – and, it IS her day! – things can get a bit hectic with so much to do.

So, how lovely it was of this gentleman to take a few quiet moments to be alone with his wife and give her this unexpected gift. Giving her the Sapphire Compass added to the happiness and significance of their wedding day.

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<h3>From my Husband on our Wedding Day</h3>
I received this beautiful handcrafted pendant as a wedding gift from my husband, Doug, and was delighted with it from the first time I saw it! The blue sapphire on one side match my wedding ring, and since I wear tons of blue, I have lots of occasions to wear it. The significance of the compass is dear to my heart, as traveling has been a lifelong passion; I absolutely love it! Every time I wear it I think of the day he gave it to me, and I feel it brings me good luck. The pendant was made so lovingly and exquisitely, it truly is a piece of art! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, you definitely have a gift.

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<p class=”et_pb_testimonial_meta”>Laura A, Edmonton, Canada, <a href=”/portfolio/sapphire-silver-compass-pendant/”>Sapphire Silver Compass Pendant</a></p>

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The couple love to travel – in fact, travelling is how they met – so compass necklace gift was supremely appropriate.

Symbolic of their lifelong future together, their travel and adventures as a couple, this gift remains dear to her heart.

Hiker woman looking up at mountain view
“the significance of the compass is dear to my heart, as traveling has been a lifelong passion”
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