Wedding and Engagement

The Bride on Her Wedding Day

The Bride on Her Wedding Day

Handmade Jewellery for your Engagement and Wedding

Custom made engagement and wedding rings capture the romance and personal significance of this special time in your life. Symbolic of your love and commitment, wedding and engagement rings to treasure forever.

Creating your wedding jewellery, we work together on the design to make a completely individual ring just for you.

Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Handmade Engagement Ring

Created using a mix of white and rose gold, this engagement ring is unique.  A one of a kind ring designed with interleaving swirls and droplets.

A sapphire and diamond engagement ring that tells a story all the way around the band.

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White Gold OM Wedding Ring

White Gold OM Wedding Ring

White Gold OM Wedding Rings

For their secret wedding this couple wanted special wedding rings.

These white gold OM wedding rings have the OM symbol and the couple’s intials woven into the design.

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Handmade Gold OM Necklace

Handmade OM Necklace in Gold with Ruby

Wedding Jewellery for the Bride

There are wedding rings … and there’s wedding jewellery.

As well as a wedding ring, this bride had a ruby necklace and earrings.

The ruby in this custom necklace for the bride was carefully selected to match her velvet wedding dress.
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Handmade Silver Kilt Pin

Handmade Silver Kilt Pin for the Groom

A Special Gift for Bride Groom

Custom made Kilt Pin, a Wedding Gift from Mother to Son.

Jane gave this to him in a quiet moment on the eve of his Wedding Day.

Designed especially for him, he’ll always treasure it.

Handmade Gold Commitment Ring

Rose and White Gold Commitment Ring

Commitment Rings

Custom made jewellery makes an unforgettable gift, both to give and to receive.

Woven into the design of this handmade gold commitment ring is a secret message of love to the wearer.

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Botanical Wedding Ring

Handmade Botanical Wedding Ring

Botanical Wedding Ring

A custom made wedding ring with a design inspired by the natural world. This Botanical Wedding ring has tendrils and droplets all the way around the band.

With a custom wedding ring you create a ring to suit who you are.

Custom Wedding and Engagement Rings

Interested to have your wedding and engagement rings custom made?

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