The Secret Of What To Take With You On Your Adventure

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Turquoise Sea at the Coast

Casting Off and Heading for Adventure

What to Take?

Your adventure is waiting for you just around the corner – but what will you take with you?

I set out on this adventure with my husband, my dogs and and a mouth-blown torch!

Seriously, these were my essentials, my treasures.

Stood on the deck of the ferry, hair blown flat against my head and a cold, salty handrail beneath my palms, we were on our way. Shoulders hunched, I tucked my chin into a scarf against the chill, a smile of exhilaration hidden, but there.

As the Cliffs of Dover grew smaller, the ferry’s engines roared. With a one-way ticket to France, we were heading for adventure!

Like a holiday … but not.

A setting free from the familiar. A loosening of ties.

A casting off.

Adventure and Uncertainty

How can you possibly know what you’re going to need when you change your life?

What lay ahead was uncertain. I’d never seen the property we’d agreed to rent, knew little about the region of France we were moving to and had no idea how my dream of creating jewellery in this beautiful part of the world would turn out.

When I looked too closely at what I’d done, I wondered if I was, well, nuts!

Our friends thought we were brave, but I didn’t feel brave.

I felt glad to be on this adventure with my husband and dogs.

Free Yourself Up

So where does the mouth-blown torch come in?! Well, it’s a kind of soldering torch for when I’m creating jewellery in my workshop. Yes, it’s a tool I need ~ but it’s also a treasured piece of equipment from my goldsmithing teacher and mentor.

Trimming down to the people you love and the tools you need is one way to free yourself up.

It can rekindle an understanding of what matters most to you.

It can make you feel lighter when you set out on your adventure.

Your Own Personal Adventure

What essentials and treasures will you take with you on your adventure?

Gorgeous Photo by :Kiff Backhouse


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