Custom Designed Handmade Rings

Handmade Gold Wedding and Custom Engagement Rings

Rings made just for you, handmade to your design.

Unique, handmade gold rings to your design. One-of-a-kind rings, lovingly created in my studio workshop.

Whether you know exactly what you want, right down to the finer details, or you just know you want something different - something that’s more you - I can help make your vision come to life and let you be part of its creation, from start to finish.

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to create a custom designed ring just for you.

Custom Wedding Rings

OM Wedding Ring Custom Made in Gold (g484)Gold OM Wedding Ring
Botanical Wedding Ring (g284)Botanical Wedding Ring
Custom Made Gold Wedding Rings for the Bride and Groom (g383)Gold Wedding Rings Pair

Wedding Anniversary Rings and Eternity Rings

Diamond Ring for Silver Wedding Anniversary (g482)25th Wedding Anniversary Ring
Wedding Anniversary Ring (g398)Wedding Anniversary Ring
Handmade Diamond Eternity Ring (g398)Diamond Eternity Ring

Engagement Rings and Commitment Rings

Unique Handmade Sapphire Engagement Ring (g461)Unique Engagement Ring
Handmade Rose Gold Commitment Ring (g402)Rose Gold Commitment Ring
Custom Made Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring (g461)Sapphire Engagement Ring

Handmade Gemstone Rings

Individually Handmade Ring (g176)Garnet Squiggle Ring
Custom Opal Ring in Gold (g223)One-of-a-Kind Opal Ring
Handmade Agate Ring (g085)Handmade Agate Ring

Creating Your Custom Ring

For details on how we work together to create your custom ring, see what's involved, step by step.

Also, here are some ideas and guides to help you find the ring design that's perfect for you.

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to create a custom designed ring just for you.