Handmade Rings


Handmade Gold Wedding Rings

Your wedding day.  A very special day, the beginning of a new chapter in your lives together.

Handmade gold wedding rings symbolise your promise of love and commitment in a way that is unique to you.

Custom made to capture the romance and personal significance of that special day.

Wedding rings to treasure forever, with your story woven into the design.

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Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings

You’ve promised to marry the one you love.

A handmade gold engagement ring captures that special promise you’ve made to each other as a couple. The foreverness.

Creating a custom made engagement ring means we work together to create a completely individual creation for you.

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Commitment Rings

You’re making a commitment to someone … or maybe to yourself.

A declaration of love, faithfulness and loyalty.

A Commitment Ring is a ring to wear forever, with promise and hope bound into its design.

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Handmade Diamond Eternity Ring

Diamond Eternity Rings

Your wedding anniversary is a day to celebrate.

It’s a day to remind you of your wedding day and all the romantic moments you’ve shared since you set out on your lives together.

This handmade gold ring was one gentleman’s wedding anniversary gift to his wife. A wonderful way to show just how important your loved one is to you.

Handmade Rose and White Gold Rings

Handmade Rose and White Gold Rings


Handmade Rings for the Couple

You are a couple.

These handmade gold rings share the same style, yet have their individual designs. Swirls and droplets in rose and white gold tell a story around each band.

Each with their individual identity, in harmony as a pair.

Antique Coin Ring in Silver and Gold

Antique Coin Ring in Silver and Gold


Your Custom Made Ring

Have you ever seen a ring and known that it’s meant for you?

Each of my rings is an individually designed creation, each one is unique. Your ring will always be just for you, a one of a kind creation made here in my workshop.

Custom Ring just for Her

Custom Ring just for Her


A Ring just for You

You want to wear a ring that says something about your personal style and individuality.

Having a ring made especially to your design gives you that ring. It’s custom made to incorporate the elements of design you seek. A ring to make you feel beautiful, your best self.

Mandarin Garnet Ring

Mandarin Garnet Ring


Gemstone Rings

For millenia, gemstones have featured in rings. Beautiful adornments for the hands.

Gemstone rings that are related with the month of your birth. Gemstone rings to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Gemstone rings that are simply irresistible.