Gold Lentille Necklace with Peridot


Handmade 18k gold necklace with peridot, this elegant necklace makes a lovely gift for your wife.

Whether you’re celebrating your wife’s birthday or wedding anniversary, this gold necklace is a unique creation from my workshop studio here in France.

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Product Description

Gold Lentille Necklace with Peridot

A handmade gold necklace with a twinkling peridot.

Uniquely handmade to a design in two colours of gold, intertwined arabesques give the pendant an elegant feel.  

A Birthday Gift for Your Wife

As a birthday gift for your wife, this delicately designed necklace is one for her to enjoy wearing on all occasions. Simple enough for everyday wear whilst being an attractively intriguing piece to wear on an evening out.

Including a 16inch (41cm) gold chain, this is ready to present to the woman in your life and will sit comfortably with most necklines.

Peridot Facts and Folklore

Facts about the Peridot

Peridot is a precious mineral type of Olivine, and originates from Zabargad Island, a small volcanic island in the Red Sea. It’s an ancient stone found to have been used in Egyptian jewellery well over 3000 years ago.

Its olive-green colour is very similar to the Lucques variety of olive that grows here in the Languedoc region of France where my workshop is based!

If you’re looking for a wedding anniversary gift for your wife, then the peridot is the traditional stone of choice for the 16th Wedding Anniversary.

For a birthday gift for your wife, peridot is the birthstone for the month of August.

Peridot Folklore

Whist I can’t guarantee any definitive good fortune comes with this necklace (sorry!), I can tell you a little about the folklore. In ancient times, peridot was considered a gemstone of warm energy with a protective aspect to its powers. As such, it has been thought of as a stone to inspire happiness and delight.

Often referred to as the evening emerald as it holds its colour in twilight more tenderly than true emeralds. With its gentle glow, early lapidaries pronounced peridot a good talisman against terrors of the night.


Peridot Necklace Wedding Anniversary Gift

Peridot Necklace Wedding Anniversary Gift



16mm diameter pendant

16 inch (41cm) 18k gold chain