Elegant Rose Gold Compass Pendant

Price:€1,350 EUR

An elegant gold compass necklace with delicate details that move gracefully as you wear it.

Top quality working compass inside.

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Product Description

Handmade Compass in Gold

Delicate details of design move gently as you wear this compass giving it a touch of elegance.

Created using two colours of 18k gold the gentle contrast highlights the aztec style design surrounding the compass pendant.

A great gift for a lady, perhaps symbolic of her chosen path and how well she knows her direction…

The Compass Inside

The compass inside is no ordinary compass.  Instead, it’s one of the best survival compasses out there.  Build up to a standard and design to last, each has been uniquely customised to incorporated a scratch resistant quartz face.

You can wear this compass all day every day and rely on it, even in the shower!

Engraved Compass Pendant

On the back of this compass necklace is enough space for the optional extra of a personal engraving.


The stem gives the length and a touch of elegance. From the tip of the bail to the base of the compass pendant is 5cm.

17mm diameter.

The price includes an 18inch (45.5cm) 18k gold chain.