Compass Jewellery

Gold and silver Life Compass pendants and necklaces, sometimes with a gemstone.

  • Turquoise Talisman Compass Necklace

    Turquoise Talisman Compass Necklace

    Gorgeous necklace with working compass

  • Reef Knot Compass

    Reef Knot Compass

    Working silver compass on a…

  • Feather Compass Pendant with Labradorite

    Feather Compass Pendant with Labradorite

    Working Compass Necklace in memory…

  • Moonstone Compass

    Moonstone Compass

    A surprise for his girlfriend

  • Meridian Compass Necklace

    Meridian Compass Necklace

    For his Fiancée's 50th Birthday

  • Expedition Compass Pendant

    Expedition Compass Pendant

    For her while he's away

  • Pathfinder Silver Compass Pendant

    Pathfinder Silver Compass Pendant

    A friend's 50th birthday

  • 4 Corners Compass Pendant

    4 Corners Compass Pendant

    For someone on their travels