Turquoise Gold Compass Pendant

An elegant gold necklace with a rich Turquoise set in 9k Yellow gold.

Turn it over and you will find a fully working compass based on The Francis Barker NATO survival compass but even better - this compass is , water resistant and has a scratch resistant Quartz face.

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SKU: G323a

Gold Compass Necklace with Turquoise

A gold compass pendant in 9K with turquoise.

Turquoise always looks sumptuous in gold.

The Compass Inside

Turn the pendant over to reveal the compass concealed in the reverse.

The working compass inside has been uniquely customised to incorporate a scratch resistant quartz face. A compass to wear and enjoy.


Turquoise is the birthstone for those born in December and the traditional stone of choice when celebrating the 11th wedding anniversary.

From ancient times, turquoise was considered a healer of the spirit with a soothing energy bringing peace of mind. It has also been thought to guide one through the unknown, protecting while promoting one’s independence in action. Perfectly fitting, it seems, for such a creation of compass jewellery.

17mm diameter pendant

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