Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Handmade Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring (g210)Engagement ring with sapphire and 2 diamonds (g210)Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose and White Gold (g210)Unique Engagement Ring with Sapphire and 2 Diamonds (g210)Custom Made Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring with White Gold (g210)Handmade Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring with Unique Design (g210)

Handmade Engagement Ring

Custom made, this sapphire and and diamond ring is unique.  Created with an oval sapphire and 2 diamonds, the band of the ring is an inviting combination of yellow, rose and white gold. Elements of design adorn the ring all the way around the band.

A unique ring for a unique moment in their lives, this ring now carries the story of his romantic proposal of marriage … and the lady’s happy acceptance.

Uniquely handmade, this engagement ring was inspired by the fascinating path of life and shared memories of precious moments. A design with flowing swirls and arabesques imbued with this couple’s story.

Rose gold and white gold leads to a magnificent sapphire flanked by sparkling diamonds. Wonderfully wearable, smooth settings surround the gemstones beautifully, as well as securely.

A ring to wear with confidence, everyday.

Handmade Gold Jewellery

An unforgettable gift from the man in her life, this is a handmade gold ring to remind her of the day they decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

The unique design develops and unfolds as you journey around its circumference revealing swirls and droplets. A ring with intricacies that will only ever be truly known to the wearer.

18k rose, yellow and white gold with sapphire and diamonds.

Ref: G210