Rose Gold Eternity Ring

Handmade Gold Eternity Ring (g402)Eternity Ring in Rose and White (g402)Eternity Ring in White and Rose (g402)Rose Gold Eternity Ring with White Gold (g402)Rose Gold Ring with White Gold Infinity Symbol (g402)Handmade Rose Gold Ring with White Gold Swirls (g402)Unusual Handmade Gold Eternity Ring for a Man (g402)18k Handmade Gold Eternity Ring (g402)Handmade Gold ring on mans hand (G402)

Handmade Gold Eternity Ring

A handmade gold eternity ring symbolic of never ending love. A custom made gift from a woman to her husband on his 50th Birthday.

A Ring with Meaning

A story unfolds around the ring with the infinity symbol depicting the everlasting love and affection.

Five droplets nestle into the design, a number of personal significance to the couple. A ring with intricacies and secrets to make him smile each time his eyes fall on its unique design.

The combination of rose and white gold looks great on this gentleman’s hand. A ring for him to put on and leave on, just like a wedding ring.

Fully hallmarked 18k rose and white gold ring.