In love?

Whether love is the answer or in the air... these compass pendant gifts are all about love!

Love Heart Compass Pendant

A heart of gold on the front and a compass on the back. The working compass inside is always there for you.

G500 love heart compass necklace gift
G500 heart of gold working compass pendant gift

Engraved Compass Pendant Gifts

Personalised compass necklace gifts, one with an engraving and the other with a stamped L.O.V.E.

G474 engraved love compass Pendant

G466 meaningful love compass necklace

Love Knot Compass Necklace

Encircled with a love knot, the working compass inside this necklace is worn facing forward.

G467 Love Knot Working Compass Gift

Love Heart Compass Necklace

Compass necklace with lots of love, literally!

G486 Love is the answer compass pendant
G486 love is all around compass necklace gift

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