Handmade Jewellery

Handmade Gold Wedding Rings

Handmade Gold Wedding Rings

Silver Apple Pendant

Silver Apple Necklace with Garnet Pips

Unique and Individual Jewellery

Each of my gold and silver jewellery creations is handmade by me in my workshop.

Each piece individually handmade and unique.

Whether you choose a custom jewellery creation or make a purchase in my jewellery shop, you can be sure it’s one-of-a-kind.

Custom Jewellery

Made just for you, to a particular design or with a specific gemstone, a custom made jewellery creation is unique and personal.

Guide to Custom Jewellery

The Jewellery Shop

If you’re looking for something right away,  you can see my unique jewellery creations that are ready to buy in the jewellery shop.

Visit the Jewellery Shop

You want 3 of those jewellery creations?

Sometimes people try to by more than one of the creations in my shop … and realise that they can’t!  That’s because there’s only one of each piece.

Which makes it even more special, right?!

If you’d like a number of similar items made to order then take a look at the custom jewellery process or get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

All About Custom Jewellery

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