Hand Made Gold Jewellery: Wedding Rings

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Made especially for their wedding day, the design of these wedding rings evolved from a few early sketches.

When I’m asked to create hand made gold jewellery, it’s often for a special occasion – and these matching rings were made for their wedding day.

A little bit of who they are is woven into the design.

Hand Made Gold Jewellery – Design

It was a pleasure working with this lovely couple on their custom designed wedding rings and seeing how the ideas evolved.

Their fondness for Celtic design was evident their medieval style wedding, and they wanted this theme to extend into their wedding rings.

Together we created OM wedding rings with dragons and the OM symbol woven into the design around the band. A theme that shaped the design of all of their wedding jewellery!

Custom Jewellery: Your Design, Hand Made

Custom designed jewellery is a fusion of your design ideas and my workmanship. Coming up with a design is all part of the journey and even if you don’t consider yourself to be much of an artist, it’s amazing how a few seeds of an idea can be turned into a treasure.

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