Custom Made Jewellery


custom made necklace

Custom Made Necklace

What is Custom Made Jewellery?

Custom made jewellery is where we work together on a creation that’s made just for you. Jewellery that’s made to your design, or often to a design that we come up with together.

It’s for people who prefer jewellery that’s unique and individual.

Custom jewellery is sometimes called bespoke jewellery or a special commission.

Most importantly, custom jewellery is a creation just for you.

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handmade gold rings

Uniquely handmade gold rings

Custom Made Jewellery To Celebrate Special Occasions

These handmade gold rings were uniquely and especially handmade for people looking to celebrate.

Sometimes special occasions, sometimes significant milestones.

One was a gentleman’s 10th Wedding Anniversary gift to his wife.

The other was a 50th birthday gift.

Special occasions to celebrate

hammer and punch

In progress in the workshop

A Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Custom Jewellery

Working on your custom jewellery project together takes us from the initial design through to the finished creation.

To better understand the process and how we work together…

Find out what’s involved  

Moss Agate Ring

Moss Agate Ring in Silver and Gold

The Right Ring Size for You

Getting the right ring size is an important first step when having a custom ring made.

Ways to find your ring size  

Sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Gallery of Past Jewellery Creations

You’re thinking about a custom creation and want to see what I’ve made before.

Or maybe you’d like some ideas to get you started.

Here’s where you can browse through some of the jewellery I’ve created in the past.

View the gallery of inspiration      

happy customer

One of my happy customers!

Customer Reviews

You can see the reviews I’ve received from customers around the world.

Read customer reviews

People who come to me for their custom jewellery creations often have a story. Romantic, inventive and thought provoking tales to tell!

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Choose your gemstone

Gemstone Gallery

Looking for a specific gemstone?

A custom jewellery creation can start with the gemstone.

Maybe you’ll see a gemstone that speaks to you and want to create your individual piece of jewellery around it.

Or if you just fancy a browse…

Visit the gemstone gallery    


Gemstones for Special Occasions

Birthstones and Anniversaries

Many gemstones are connected to specific months of the year and signs of the zodiac.

Also, some wedding anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with a particular gemstone.

Sometimes, it’s just a great excuse for a piece of jewellery, too!

Check for birthday and wedding anniversary gemstones