Guide to Compass Pendants & Handmade Jewellery

A quick tour of Rock Water Studio

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Here's a super quick guide to what goes on here at Rock Water Studio.

Aurora Sunburst Compass Necklace (g494)
Sapphire Compass Pendant (G523 )

Compass Pendants & Necklaces

...that you won't find anywhere else.

I make beautiful Compass Jewellery, the like of which you won’t have seen before. Each compass creation is individually handmade PLUS the button compass inside is a working compass that's safe to get wet**.
** When I say safe to get wet, I mean it. Leave your compass pendant on when you take a shower and it'll be just fine. Promise.
Handmade Sapphire Bangle in Silver and Gold

Handmade sapphire and diamond engagement ring (g461)

Custom Handmade Jewellery

...designed and created just for you.

Making jewellery the traditional way, I'll create your special piece of jewellery to your design in my workshop studio.

Whether it's a ring, pendant or earrings, I want you to have that piece of handmade jewellery you've always dreamed of, and for you to have fun getting there.

Contact Me to get started on a special creation just for you.

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