Why do people choose a compass?

A Compass makes the Perfect Gift

People have been choosing my working compass pendants as gifts over the years because every single one is individually handmade and unique, beautiful, has a quality working compass inside and is fine to wear in water. Yes, I mean it, you can wear it swimming and it'll be just fine.

Handmade jewellery that's extra special as each compass necklace is also symbolic of the path of life and the directions we choose along the way. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation or making a big life decision, compass jewellery makes the perfect meaningful gift.

Compass Christening Gift

Silver and Rose Gold Compass Christening Gift (g333)A meaningful compass pendant christening gift for a little person starting out on life's journey.

Thank You Compass Necklace

Gold Compass Thank You Gift (g327)A compass necklace gift for his girlfriend to say thank you - she moved half way around the world to live with him!

Good Luck Compass Gift

Compass Good Luck Gift for Boyfriend (g426)She gave this silver compass gift for good luck to her boyfriend doing the bike Race Across America.

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Celebration of Life Compass

A silver compass necklace to celebrate her unique journey in life (g332)A compass pendant as a symbol of her unique journey through life and her decision to choose a direction and go for it.

Graduation Compass Pendant

Graduation Compass Necklace with a working compass (g418)A compass necklace graduation gift for his daughter, wishing her love as she navigates life.

Heirloom Compass Pendant

Family Heirloom Compass Pendant (g322)Replacing a lost silver working compass pendant that her father used to wear, reminding her of him.

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Farewell Compass Necklace

Engraved Compass Pendant Farewell Gift (g446)A farewell and come home safely silver compass gift for his girlfriend setting out on her travels.

Never be Lost Compass

Never Lost Silver Compass Necklace gift for wife (g335)A working compass necklace gift for his wife so they would always be able to find each other.

Compass Reminder Pendant

Engraved Compass Necklace Reminder to Live for Today (g415)A working silver compass gift for herself as a reminder to follow her path and to enjoy each day.

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Compass Gift for his Wife

Be Together Compass Pendant Gift for Wife (g369)A silver and gold compass gift for his wife. His way to say "no matter what, we'll walk this path together".

Compass Pendant for Him

Travel Safely Compass Pendant for a Man (g371)A working compass gift for her husband, a jet fighter pilot, to remind him of her and their son. And to wish him a safe return home.

Compass Engagement Gift

Silver Compass Locket Engagement Gift (g311)A silver compass locket engagement gift for him. He had given her an engagement ring and she gave him a gift, too!

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21st Birthday Compass

21st Birthday Engraved Silver Compass Pendant (g479)From Mother to Son, this engraved silver compass pendant has her personal message engraved on the back.

Anniversary Compass Gift

Wedding Annivesrary Compass Gift (g367)A working compass necklace gift for his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Compass Wedding Gift

Blue Sapphire Compass Pendant Wedding Gift (g275)Meaningful compass pendant wedding gift for the couple who met on their travels.

Never miss another Life Compass Pendant

Every single piece of compass jewellery I make is a one-off. Each one is a unique compass pendant and people are becoming collectors. If you're not already on the list to hear about latest creations, you may want to get on it!

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