A Working Compass of Quality

My compass pendants and necklaces are different from the rest because they're unique, they work and they're waterproof *

Compass pendants just for you.

Each and every compass pendant is individually handmade and unique. There's a working compass inside that you can rely on AND you can swim or shower when you're wearing it because it's OK to get this compass jewellery wet.

Compass Pendants and Necklaces that Really Do Work

A Compass Necklace to Show You North

Working Compass Necklace in silver and rose gold

Best Button Compass Out There

I chose the Francis Barker NATO Survival Compass for my compass pendants and necklaces because it's the best button compass and a survival compass of quality.

Here's what the company I buy them from says about them

"When your life depends on it you need the best. Built to Military specifications and in-service worldwide, the Francis Barker model 160501 NATO button compass out performs all others in the most extreme situations. All brass and glass construction. North and south seeking luminous points. Niva tipped brass pivot."

Compass Pendants Designed for Life

Inside each of my compass creations is a working compass of quality and one that keeps on working.

A button compass that resists corrosion and is NOT liquid filled, so it won't leak or get a bubble inside.

Designed for life, these are for people who are serious about their choice of compass. People who want a compass pendant they can trust to show them north every single day.

But Wait! There's more!

You can even SWIM in these compass pendants.

Waterproof * Compass Pendants

Compass Necklace Underwater!

water resistant compass underwater

This lady is wearing one of my compasses snorkelling. Underwater, this compass necklace doesn't leak and still shows her which way is north every day!

How Waterproof is this Compass Jewellery?

Early on, as part of my quality control, I discovered the compasses weren't waterproof so I developed a way to fix that.

Today, you can wear your compass in the rain, in the shower, swimming, snorkelling (and other wet and watery places yet to be added to the list…!)

I'm not allowed to use the term "waterproof" without evidence from formal pressure tests from the big guys. For now, I can call them water resistant.

Rest assured, my compasses have been tested extensively and are "waterproof" enough for me and the 100s of customers who wear them.

Why does it matter if your compass pendant is waterproof?

Being able to wear your compass in the sea or when you take a shower means you never have to take it off.

My husband wears his non-stop, year in year out - everywhere.

Some of my customers need their compass necklace to be OK to get wet because they sail. Others find having their compass on them at all times gives them comfort, a sense of direction.

Whatever your reason for wearing a compass pendant, if you never have to take it off, you're never at risk of being without it.

Individually Handmade Compass Pendants

Beautiful and Unique Working Compass Jewellery

Silver and Gold Compass Pendant with Tsavorite (G212)Each of my compass creations is unique.

Lovingly handmade in my workshop studio, each compass necklace is ready to share your adventures on the path of life.

The Working Compass has a Quartz Face

I added in a scratch resistant quartz face, too, which means my compass jewellery creations can take more wear and tear than most.

This is especially important for a more exposed compass on a bracelet or a key-chain, but comes as standard as all of my compasses have one.

Your Life. Your Compass.

People have many reasons for choosing a compass pendant.

Mine came into existence because I wanted a working compass that was attractive as well as functional. I love the outdoors, fresh air and feeling free, so created a compass up to the task of being with me wherever I go.

I wanted a compass necklace I could rely on, that looked good and was a pleasure to wear. A compass pendant to put on ~ and a leave on.

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