About Gee

Gee Backhouse

I started making jewellery after a chance meeting with a very talented goldsmith, a Master Craftsman at London's Goldsmiths' Hall.

Leaving behind the safety of my professional career and old life, I became his apprentice and later moved to France to set up my own studio.

Today, the jewellery I make follows his tradition of craftsmanship and I never imagined the joy it would bring. Time in my workshop creating unique pieces is a tonic, it's as if I'm on retreat! I'm forever inspired by the imaginative people I meet and the treasures they seek.

Life Compasses

Life Compass Pendants

Gold and silver compass pendants symbolic of new directions and the path of life.

My compass pendants are designed for life. Each one individually handmade, unique and with a quality working compass inside.

I've always had a thing for compasses and, inspired by the change in my own life's path, these have become my signature piece. There’s something about the symbolism as well as the certainty of knowing which way is north.

Custom Made Jewellery

Handmade gold rings

Helping you celebrate your special occasion with a handmade jewellery creation.

Making jewellery the traditional way, I design and create commissioned pieces in my workshop studio.

Handmade jewellery in gold, silver and gemstones. Whether a wedding ring or wedding anniversary gift, yours will be unique and handmade especially for you.


Why choose me?

Handmade and Unique

Every creation is individually handmade here in my workshop studio. Whether you choose something from the shop or have a piece custom made, yours will be unique to you. A precious rarity.

Excellent Customer Care

I want you to be happy with your jewellery or compass creation. I also want you to enjoy the process of choosing or designing it and to help make it as easy and fun as possible to find something that's just right for you.

My Compasses Work

One of the best compasses out there, my compasses are designed for life and really do work. Uniquely customised, each one incorporates a quartz face and is safe to wear in water, too. Check out the compass quality and see if it's for you.