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Coloured Gemstones

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A Cluster of Coloured Gemstones

  A Cluster of Coloured Gemstones

Colourful Gemstones

OK, I admit it – I have a weakness for gemstones. I find them irresistible.

Gemstones of various shapes, sizes, cuts and colours – they never fail to allure me. Whether it’s their shimmering surfaces, feathery depths or bursts of colour – certain stones are destined to belong in my gemstone gallery. Or at least, to pass through it before being cherished by their new owner.

Whether you’re thinking about commissioning a custom made jewellery creation or simply enchanted by gemstones, then my gallery of gemstones is a great place to pause for a few moments.

A World of Colour

There’s no need for rose tinted glasses to see just how beautiful these gemstones are.

They have such lovely names, too. The ones in the picture are

Ocean Jasper
Dendritic Agate
Nebula Jasper
Chrysocolla with Malachite


The Journey of Design

I really enjoy having gemstones for people to choose from. The idea of choosing the gemstone that will feature in your custom made jewellery is enchanting and fun.

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