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A Sense of Mischief

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Gorgeous Silver and Gold Pendant with an Oval Amethyst

Hand Made Jewellery: Mischievous Amethyst

Photo :Kiff

Ebb and Flow

There are days when I feel especially energised. I wake up ready to take on the day.  To achieve several tasks, create my compasses and jewellery, then get outside for some fresh air and exercise.

Of course, not every day is like this. The natural balance of things is that there are quieter, calmer days. There is an ebb and flow of energy in life.

Vitality & Mischief

I admit it, the necklace in the picture was made on a day of mischief; a day to see how things unfolded, to indulge.

When I’m making jewellery, I often imagine my creations being worn. In my mind, these people are individuals who seek out jewellery evocative of independence and vitality; people who enjoy jewellery that reflects something about them. Not only do I imagine the creation being worn, but also being touched; the contours and textures being appreciated by the senses.

This Abundant Amethyst Necklace was made with more than a hint of mischief, too! I imagine a lively and spirited home for it in the future.  For someone who loves life … and laughter.

A Sense of Mischief

A hand made jewellery creation of delightfully unrestrained design.

Does that make me naughty?

Extravagant Violet

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Real Lilacs growing in my Garden

  Lilac in the Garden

Lilacs and Violet

I recently added an Amethyst Waterdrop Bracelet to my gallery. A bracelet that comes with a story of how it came to be made, and all that went into its creation.

As a designer-maker of jewellery, creating custom made jewellery is especially satisfying. Looking through a window onto another person’s world and capturing the essence of a precious moment in a piece of jewellery.

Lilacs in the Garden

This special birthday gift was for a lady whose birthstone is Amethyst, the birthstone for February. Another personal element that was woven into the design.

Amethyst has been described as an extravagance in violet.  As are the Lilacs in our garden, they’re beautiful, and yes, they are extravagant!

Extravagant Lilacs

Apparently, the word extravagant is derived from medieval Latin with “extra” meaning outside and “vagari” meaning wander. To wander outside, to diverge greatly or perhaps to do something unusually exceptional.

An idea that’s now become a part of the bracelet, too.

Clarity and Quartz

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Smoky Quartz Silver Pendant with touches of Rose Gold

  Smoky Quartz Pendant with Rose Gold

Quartz from Antiquity

People have been fascinated by gemstones for thousands of years and I’m no exception. They both intrigue and enchant me.

Quartz may be the oldest gemstone known to man and supernatural powers have been associated with gemstones in the quartz family throughout history.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is one such gemstone and has been said to activate survival instincts and intuition in challenging situations. When worn or carried it has been thought to enhance and protect the aura, boost energy and maintain patience. Keeping calm and seeing the way ahead more clearly is what this is about.

Whether or not you choose to believe in such supernatural powers is up to you. To me, even if these words are just part of a story about this gemstone that’s been retold over the centuries, they seem both wise and reassuring.

When I’ve been choosing, changing or re-discovering my direction, it has certainly required perseverance and patience. Taking care of myself whilst navigating my way has been an important part of the adventure.

Clarity of Quartz

We all face challenging situations in one way or another. I like the idea that good energy and having the clarity to see what is needed can be wrapped up in a gemstone.

I’m also rather partial to the smoky quartz…!